I Prefer . . .

I have penned these lines at the invitation of my friend Erin Mashburn Moulton, who periodically writes her own versions of this poem by Nobel Laureate Wislawa Szymborska. I also love Thea Wallace’s version, “Free Will.” And this one, “Valued” by Elizabeth Moulton. Feel free to write your own and join the conversation! (I didn’t spend much time on this . . . no editing. Just free writing.)

I prefer Crocs and Uggs to flats and heels.

I prefer old and new friends.

I prefer coffee with raw sugar, Splenda, and cream.

I prefer forgiveness to grudges.

I prefer talks in person to phone calls.

I prefer emails to texts.

I prefer texts, sometimes.

I prefer the beach in fall, winter, and spring.

I prefer air-conditioning and swimming pools in summer.

I prefer the ocean to lakes.

I prefer driving to riding shotgun.

I prefer big cities to small towns.

I prefer urban environments to rural settings.

I prefer prose to poetry.

I prefer abstract art to realism.

I prefer Coptic icons to Russian.

I prefer for someone else to cook.

I prefer cloth napkins.

I prefer leggings and yoga pants to slacks.

I prefer nightgowns to pajamas.

I prefer pearls to diamonds.

I prefer silver to gold.

I prefer contemporary novels to classics.

I prefer southern literary fiction.

I prefer memoir and essays.

I prefer Pat Conroy.

I prefer Hershey’s kisses.

I prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate.

I prefer Diet Cokes to water.

I prefer tenderloin filets medium rare.

I prefer country music to rock.

I prefer Ronnie Dunn.

I prefer Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush.”

I prefer having written to the act of writing.

I prefer editing to writing.

I prefer having my groceries delivered.

I prefer real calendars to e-calendars.

I prefer printed books to eBooks and audible.

I prefer driving in silence to listening to the radio.

I prefer television shows to podcasts.

I prefer drama to comedy.

I prefer feasting to fasting.

I prefer wrapping gifts with paper to gift bags.

I prefer walking on the beach.

I prefer hot baths to showers.

I prefer recording TV shows and watching without commercials.

I prefer morning prayers to evening prayers.

I prefer almsgiving to fasting.

I prefer prayer to scripture reading.

I prefer church services at night with candles.

I prefer practicing thankfulness.

I prefer living as though today might be my last day.

–November 20, 2019

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    1. You’re welcome. I love Erin and her creativity is boundless. It was fun participating and I look forward to reading more entries!

    1. Wow. I LOVE your riff! There’s definitely a good rhythm to your lines here, with a nod to your song-writing talent. Thanks so much for participating, David!

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