Mental Health Monday: Binge Watching, Continued…

Gabby Doc McBack in June I did  post about binge-watching Netflix shows, called “The Anatomy of a Binge.” At that time I was into “Breaking Bad” on Netflix. In August I moved on to “Orange is the New Black,” which I’m still watching. Great show. The acting is terrific, and also the writing. I love the way the characters’ back-stories are revealed with flashback scenes as the show proceeds. (More on that show another time.) This week I’m binge-watching “Doc McStuffins.” Just discovered that the main character’s mother is a real doctor, her father shows up a little more as the show proceeds, and her brother doesn’t know about her special healing powers. Mostly I love how kind Doc is to all her patients. And how much my granddaughters love her. I think she’s a terrific role model. And each episode delivers a great life lesson for kids of all ages… like me!

Gabby Lego DocI’m in Denver this week visiting two of my kids and their families, which includes my three granddaughters, Grace (5), Anna (4) and Gabby (2). So I won’t be blogging much this week. Instead I’ll share some pictures which might show a little of the beauty of Denver in September and the joy of being with these three amazing little girls and their families! Happy Monday!

(The artful photos of Grace and Anna at the end were gifts they greeted me with on Saturday.)


ice cream

bubbles on deck

Gabby at a park near her house.
Gabby at a park near her house.

Gabby Susu biking


yellow tree Denver

Grace art

Anna art


2 thoughts on “Mental Health Monday: Binge Watching, Continued…”

  1. Thank you for the treat of the munchkins! I do so love the munchkins 😀
    Adore the artful gifts.
    Sadly we have none of those shows here – possibly time to get netflicks!
    I like the idea of binge watching really – I always used to feel let down when you only got teased with 45 minutes of a show. The children like to watch Doctor Who and …oh jeepers.. I cant even remember all the shows they like now…I check the age rating and that’s me done.

  2. Your grandchildren are simply adorable. Enjoy spending time with them.
    I know that I just love spending time with my own grandchildren (6, 5 and 3) although they exhaust me. lol

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