A Trip to the Fair (on Friday)


Not what you were expecting? If you are here for my usual “Faith on Friday” post, please come back next week. Although I’ll be in Denver with my kids and grandkids, so I can’t promise I’ll be blogging regularly the first three weeks in August.

I woke up this morning planning to write about the Mother of God. I promise. One of the Feasts we celebrate in the Orthodox Church is the feast of her Dormition (going to Heaven) on August 15. And so for two weeks leading up to this feast, we fast. Well, some of us fast. As you know from reading my blog, I suck at fasting. And so this fast from August 1-15 is something I often complain about, get frustrated with, or ignore altogether. Sometimes I find help for the journey, as I did a few years ago.

The Mid-South Fair, Memphis, Tennessee
The Mid-South Fair, Memphis, Tennessee

Before starting on today’s blog post I decided to check my email. Bingo. My friend Corey Mesler (author extraordinaire and owner of Burke’s Books in Memphis) just had a fabulous essay published at Change Seven. It’s called “A Trip to the Fair.” And now for what might sound like exaggeration: It’s my favorite thing Corey has written. Ever. And he’s written and published dozens of books of poetry, essays, and fiction.

The Zippin Pippin, wooden roller-coaster at the Mid-South Fair
The Zippin Pippin, wooden roller-coaster at the Mid-South Fair

I know the title sounds like something a kid would write for his back-to-school essay, but I promise you, this is a great read.

So, read it. Here. Because it’s a wonderful story and excellent writing. You might need a box of Kleenex.


Have a great weekend!

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  1. Have a great time visiting the Denver branch of the family!

    We share celebrating August 15th as a holy day. In the Catholic tradition, it is called the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – different words but the same celebration. As is typical for us Catholics, though, without the fast leading up to it.

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