Mental Health Monday: Wiggle Room

baggy jeansYou know how some people buy jeans a size too large in order to have some wiggle room? Well, that’s part of the reasoning behind my 1,000-calorie diet. The first week I set the budget at 1,200 calories, but then I decided (1) I wanted to lose the weight more quickly and (2) I needed a little wiggle room. This past weekend I was happy to have those “bigger jeans.”


Weight_Loss_Plateau_Thinner_SparkleWe had out of town company. We went to an awesome party Friday night (open bar, BBQ ribs, lobster mac and cheese, etc.). I ate 3 meals on Saturday. (I usually eat 1-2 actual meals a day.) And yet I still managed to (1) work out on the elliptical every day and (2) stay under 1,200 calories. How much weight did I lose? ZERO. How much did I gain? ZERO. So after two weeks I’m holding steady at 5 pounds lost, although most of it was lost in the first 10 days. I guess I’ve hit a plateau, but I don’t plan to stay here very long. I’m renaming today: MOVE FORWARD MONDAY!


That’s all. Check back in on Wednesday for a post about the MidSouth Book Festival in Memphis this past weekend. Terrific speakers, panels and workshops.